Whether you’d like to have a take away pizza, or have it delivered directly at your home, call Pizzeria Penny Forever by dialling +39 050 41003. Over 15 years of experience are our guarantee. But Pizzeria Penny Forever is not only home delivery or take away: get in and we’ll be pleased to serve you! We’re in via Carlo Cattaneo 73, Pisa and if you think italian summer is too hot, don’t mind: we have AIR CONDITIONING
















Choose Pizzeria Penny Forever for your Pizza in Pisa, book by dialling at +39 050 41003 or +39 380 75 33 590, you’ll TASTE the difference! If you like Pizza, but you’d also like to eat something different, please try our delicious stuffed pizza bread and our cecina (bean flour cake), a gastronomic specialty known only in the nearby of Pisa and Leghorn. Or also try our starters with various kinds of Italian ham and salami. We’re very careful about our products quality, come and visit us! View Larger Map

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